Cesar and Fonda

Good news: After months of dealing with parking meters til 8, the Oakland City Council finally agreed to move it back to 6pm. No more worrying about parking meters when you’re just trying to go to dinner!  And soon, you might not have to worry about driving at all.  There’s going to be a SHUTTLE between Uptown and Jack London Square.  

At Cesar on Piedmont, Happy Hour isn’t just during the hours right after work.  They have also decided to take 20% off the food and bar menu AFTER 10 pm on Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday.

4039 Piedmont Ave, Oakland

It looks like Fonda might be where I’m heading for brunch this weekend.  Check this out: $9 gets you a brunch specialty, coffee AND pastry.  And if my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, they also have a menu of “dollar brunch bebidas” too!

1501 Solano Ave, Albany

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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