make your own wine blend

Learn blending techniques at Eden Canyon Vinyards, then make your own Bordeaux-style wine to pair with the adobo dinner prepared by Chef Jeffrey San Diego.  What a way to celebrate Filipino Heritage Month! The person with the best tasting blend will win some special prizes and proceeds will be donated to flood victims in the Philippines.

Sun, 10/25, 5:30 – 9pm

1410 62nd street, suite B, Emeryville


According to The Oakbook, small businesses often can’t afford the $2,200 cabaret license from the city.  Under Oakland City councilwoman Nancy Nadel’s proposed plan, businesses that have an occupancy of 50 or less would be able to buy a small cabaret permit for $600.  She also proposed an experiment that would allow 10 bars to apply for extended hours.  They still wouldn’t be able to sell alcohol past 2 am, but at least the party could continue a few more hours.

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Christina Mitchell

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