Frugal – Carnitas

photo: Christina Mitchell

I haven’t been to every taco truck in the East Bay, but so far Tacos Sinaloa (22nd & International and E. 12th St & Fruitvale) is my favorite.  Sinaloa is a state on the West Coast of Mexico that’s known for their seafood, but I’ve tried the ceviche, and the shrimp, fish, carne asada, chicken, and tongue tacos, and the carnitas has always been my favorite.  In my experience, most taco trucks serve tender pork, but Tacos Sinaloa is special because it’s tender with crispy bits, not to mention more flavorful.  I have good news: last week, another truck was added to the Lake Merritt area.  These aren’t exactly organic tacos, but it’s possible to get a delicious meal for under $5.  Good news, indeed.
Lakeshore Ave. at Beacon, Oakland