Nosy – INNA jam

photo: Christina Mitchell

Dafna Kory moved INNA jam into a new commercial kitchen just in time for all of the summer fruit that grows in this area.  The kitchen is starting to slow down a little now that the seasons have changed, so she recently opened a store.  It’s really just a shelf in corner of the kitchen, stacked with jars of every jam they make, most of which is not available in retail stores or online.  Regular hours are Tues and Wed from 2 – 5pm (and by appointment), but an Open House is also scheduled for this weekend.  There will be jam tastings, and a few bottles of strawberry shrub, a fruit-vinegar-sugar syrup that can be mixed with sparkling water and used in cocktails, will also be available.
1307 61st St, Emeryville
Fri, 11/23 and Sat, 11/24, 11am – 4pm

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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Christina Mitchell

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