If Oakland was an ice cream flavor, what would it be?

photo: Christina Mitchell

Did you see this post on Inside Scoop the other day?  Pastry chefs were asked if San Francisco was an ice cream flavor, what would it be?  It got me thinking about the sunny side of the bay so I decided to ask our own experts.  If Oakland was an ice cream flavor, what would it be?

Anastasia Widiarsih, Indiecakes: “Browned Butter Ice Cream, with swirls of fresh peaches and salted caramel.”

Mani Niall, Sweet Bar Bakery: “What was the flavor that had bits of every ice cream in it? Frankenstein?”

Jennie Schacht, i scream SANDWICH: “hmmm…how about gluten-free, dairy-free backyard meyer lemon-blackberry with a hint of port from Dashe cellars?”

Craig DiFonzo, Lungomare:  “I think the love of beer and piggy treats represents Oakland well.  So I would make a Linden dark beer and candied house made pancetta gelato. How can you resist that??”

Jenna Keys, Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets: “I would say that our Jingletown flavor profile reps The Town pretty solid: Grand Marnier, because we’re just cool cool players like that; dark chocolate because our diverse culture is so substantial, so rich; orange zest for the vibrancy of our communities, and finally, cayenne – ‘cuz we really know how to bring on the heat. 😉

Michelle Lee, Duende: “Oakland could be so many ice cream flavors, and also ever changing by the seasons but one flavor (cross-seasonally) comes to mind and that’s whiskey-bacon ice cream with candied cocoa nibs. A lot of people would be hesitant to try it but the ones who take the chance will become addicted to it so much so that no other ice cream flavor will be quite as complex enough for their palettes from there on out.”

Gina Conedera, Chunky Pig: “Oakland’s Ice Cream would definitely be salty~sweet. You know, like how one minute someone’s got their hazard lights on, parked in the middle of Grand Avenue to pick up their kid at school & giving other drivers the bird & the next minute, a total stranger in the car ahead of you pays your bridge toll.  Soooo, I’m thinking Malted Sour Cream Ice Cream w/ Dark Chocolate & Candied Bacon Cookie Dough and Salted Bourbon Caramel.  Cuz let’s face it, Oakland is one helluva mix of tricks.”

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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