Kitchener’s Harvest Moon Pop-Up

Did you go last night? It was fun! This is what you missed…

kitchener harvest moon pop-upOwner Sophia Chang just celebrated Kitchener’s one year anniversary, and she’s getting ready to launch a Kickstarter to raise money for take-out windows, which will “give many of our artisans the storefront many of them can’t yet afford.” The Harvest Moon Pop-Up Market will feature Kitchener artisans Barbarian Gourmet (Apple cider glazed pork with herb spaetzle), Bump City Bakery (Pie shots, St. Germain and chocolate martini cupcakes, Irish toffee cookies), Green Girl Bakeshop (Vegan, gluten-free ice cream sandwiches), Mini Trini Bistro (Curried Chicken and Roti),  The Pie Shop (Beef cornish pasties, vegan curry pasties, bangers on buns with caramelized onions),  Powered by Pork (Vietnamese-Mexican tacos with banh mi slaw),  Uptown Juice Company (Cold-pressed juices) and Wooden Spoons (Mini rillette sandwiches on Acme rolls). There will also be a few lOAKal Mobile Food, vendors in attendance: Beulah’s Bean Truck, Fist of Flour and Tina Tamale. Most foods are $5 and under and there will be free wine tasting by Periscope Cellars and $2 Beer.

Thurs, 9/19, 6 – 9pm

Free admission

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