Behind the Cart at Sea

behind the cart at sea logoBehind the Cart is “a spin on VH1’s ‘Behind the Music.’  The goal is to host a mobile underground restaurant that serves a multiple course meal capped off with true-life tales of food-cart chefs.”  BTC has been on a two year hiatus, but it’s back with a special dinner on a boat docked somewhere in the bay. Three out of the seven cooks are from the East Bay: Grilled Cheez Guy, Bump City Bakery and Little Shop Artisan Box.  Here’s the menu:

Hog Island oyster (candied bacon, porter caviar)

smoked trout bisque (saffron, tomato and fennel)

Coquilles Saint-Jacques

smoked sable fish tartare (beets, arugula)

dungeness crab stuffed sole (meyer lemon, marble potato,baby spinach, romesco)

Live Catch Mystery Dish

boozy cupcake trio

sea salted cookies

Sat, 3/22, 5:30pm



Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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Christina Mitchell

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  • GrilledCheezGuy

    Thanks for the post.  We actually sold out over a week early! Lots of interest.  Hoping to announce the next one soon!