What’s the Best “First Date Restaurant” in the East Bay?

photo: Oliveto

photo: Oliveto

Last month, we had a great conversation about the Best Burgers in the town.  Did you see the results?

Well, it’s officially spring, the season of young love. So now I have another question for you: What’s the best “first date restaurant” in the East Bay and WHY?  Where did you go on your first date?  Or, where do you wish you would have gone?  Let’s discuss.

Leave your ideas in the comments and then voting will start next week.

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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Christina Mitchell

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  • My first date with my now husband was at Acote.  We sat in their only booth for two that’s elevated & set back a bit from the main dining room which is good because we had several bottles of wine & I am super loud.  He pulled out all the stops & ordered off of their “private” wine list even though he had no idea what he was ordering.  We go back every year to celebrate.

  • nerb

    Our first date was in SF at Le Colonial, which was really nice and perfect. But if I had to go back and nail it down to a place in the East Bay – and if the restaurant was open back then (which it was not), I would’ve chosen Homestead. I like more of a home-quaint-casual feel and Homestead caters to that ambiance and they serve up some amazing food. Our date nights typically end up at Homestead as of lately.

  • FoodyBooty

    My favorite first date was at Foreign Cinema in the Mission of SF. The choice of bar, indoor or better yet outdoors with projection of foreign film is my favorite. The food is excellent and it feels fancy, but you are fine in jeans and a T-shirt.

  • sean

    omg, are you fr? the question was about the east bay and you mention a place in sf… super lame