Ozumo Offers Cheese & Sake Pairing in July

photo: Christina Mitchell

photo: Christina Mitchell

Did you know that sake and cheese go together?  I didn’t either – until I was invited to check out Ozumo’s July special.  Chef Barry Shinto was really nice and walked me through a tasting last week.  It’s meant to be shared, but since I was there right before dinner, I ate everything myself.  There were three pairings and I followed the chef’s suggestion of tasting the cheese first, then the sake and then everything together.

  • We started with a medium hard sheep’s milk cheese was flaky, creamy and studded with peppercorns.  But when paired with the honeycomb and the sake, the combination was incredibly smooth, with a great sweet and salty balance.

  • I doubted the second pairing at first.  I mean…blue cheese, fig jam and sake???  But the first bite made my eyes widen in surprise.  It really worked!  This sake was more aggressive so it could stand up to the blue cheese. All of the ingredients perfectly complemented each other and brought out nuances I didn’t notice before. Wow.

  • Finally, the creamy Goat Gouda tamed the candied ginger and everything was brought together by the unfiltered sake.

It was a new and exciting experience – and the second pairing was mind blowing!

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Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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  • I love cheese but can only consume cow, so I think this tasting may be difficult for me unless they can do a cow-only pairing! The price is really reasonable though for the experience and learning component. From our convo at dinner, I do need to stop by Ozumo again (supposedly, they have all you can eat made-to-order rolls on Mondays).