How to Eat at Levi’s Stadium, the new home of the 49ers

photo: Christina Mitchell

photo: Christina Mitchell

My brother’s been a 49er fan since forever and this is his 9th year as a season ticket holder.  We’ve seen the team win and lose at Candlestick Park, so it was interesting to go to the first 49er game in the brand new Levi’s Stadium on Sunday.  Even though it was just a preseason game, it wasn’t easy to watch the Broncos score 34 unanswered points.  Still, we had fun exploring some of the new food options.  This is what we learned:

Bring water – If you have a clear plastic bag, they don’t make you check it at the door – and you can bring in snacks and water.  It was hot and sunny so I’m really glad my dad was prepared.  Thanks Dad!

Walk around during the first half of the game – We made the mistake of joining the half time crowd and by that time, the BBQ was already sold out.  My brother and I decided to take a lap to see our options.  There were plenty of Vegan dishes, the Cheeseburgers looked good and the Curry smelled amazing.  I was waiting in line for a delicious-looking Bay Shrimp Sandwich when the person in front of me bought the last one. Hopefully they’ll order more food for the next game!

Download the Levi’s Stadium app – There are two ways to use the app if you’re hungry or thirsty.  You can pre-pay and then pick up in the Express Line or just get something delivered.

  • You should know that my brother waited in the Torta line and got all the way to the front when they told him the rest of the sandwiches were reserved for people who had already ordered on the app.  Don’t make the same mistake.

  • I ordered the Duck Steamed Buns through the app and felt pretty smart when I bypassed the line and walked right to the counter.   It was incredibly convenient, and the duck was tender, but also kind of dry and bland.

  • When we sat down again, I ordered a $10 glass of white wine on my phone and within 10 minutes, it was delivered to my seat for $5.  Yeah, it was expensive…but easy.  Not sure if I’d do it again.

Try the Cheddar Jalapeño Link – My brother was debating between the Italian Sausage and the Cheddar Jalapeño for a while before he decided on the cheddar.  He let me have a bite and it was juicy and flavorful.  I thought of my bland steamed buns and got a little jealous.

Keep $5 in cash for after the game – While we were waiting in line for the VTA light rail, we noticed a couple Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog carts.  The smell of bacon and sauteed onions was INTOXICATING.

Bonus tip – Speaking of the light rail, we decided to go that route instead of paying $40 to park in the stadium lot.  Instead, we parked a couple miles away for free and bought a round trip ticket for $4.  It was easy and not too crowded.

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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