Fruitvale Fruit Cart

I’m just barely scratching the surface, but the Fruitvale is becoming one of my favorite neighborhoods in Oakland because there’s soooo much good food!

I started going to the Fruitvale Farmer’s Market every Sunday because there’s music, nice people and the prices are cheaper than most of the other markets in town.  It’s also become part of my weekly routine to stop by the fruit cart in front of the Bank of America at 35th & International on my way home.  

photo: Christina Mitchell

photo: Christina Mitchell


The man usually has different combinations of fruit, and I make sure to choose one with plenty of mango (my favorite) and some combination of cantaloupe, jicama, watermelon, cucumber, honeydew, coconut and pineapple.  

He always asks, “Sal, chile y limón?”

And I respond, “Sí, por favor.”

Fruta Mixta con sal, limón y chile

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Then he opens the container and shakes a little salt and chile powder on top before squeezing fresh lime juice and replacing the lid.  Somehow the seasoning is always evenly distributed and every bite is salty, sweet, spicy and completely satisfying.

At four dollars it’s a perfect, healthy snack.

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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  • oh, this fruit cart totally makes me think of the movie East Side Sushi, have you seen it? It’s cute, and will make you crave the fruit and sushi.