East Bay Dishing: Steel Rail Cafe

steel rail cafe, fbSteel Rail Cafe opened three months ago in Jack London Square. They serve soups, salads and interesting sandwiches, like The Godfather (fresh mozzarella, salami rosa, salami gentile, salami nostrano, tapenade & pepperoncini),  Buffalo Soldier (rotisserie chicken breast, hot sauce, slaw, blue cheese), Pullman Grilled Cheese (white cheddar, apple, balsamic onion jam) and the French Onion Melt (provolone, caramelized onion, roast beef, Texas toast, au jus).  

I’ve heard the food is tasty and they’re donating a portion of sales to My Yute Soccer this month, so let’s go check it out!

There are 10 spots and the plan is to order lots of dishes, eat family-style and share everything.  It’s $2 to save your seat and please try to bring cash so it will be easy to split the bill.  Hope to see you there!

439 Water Street, Oakland


Sun, 1/31, 1pm

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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