East Bay Dishing: Teni East Kitchen

teni east kitchen, fb.jpgPhoto: Teni East Kitchen

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Teni East Kitchen, a South Asian restaurant that opened in the Temescal District last summer.  They serve Roti, Tea Leaf Salad, Beef Curry, Cumin Pork Belly, Crispy Spicy Catfish and more – and if we go together, we can taste everything on the menu!

There are 10 spots and the plan is to order lots of dishes, eat family-style and share everything.  It’s $2 to save your seat and try to bring cash so it will be easy to split the bill.  Hope to see you there!

4015 Broadway, Oakland


Wed, 4/12, 7pm

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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  • Laura Byes Walker

    I would like to join the next time you go as a group. Please let me know how to stay on top of next dinner