3 Breakfast Sandwiches in Oakland

I don’t know about you, but I love breakfast sandwiches.  They’re compact and every bite is a combination of meat, egg and flavorful condiments. Here are three breakfast sandwiches in Oakland you should know about:

20170610-cracked turkey sausage.jpgCracked is a breakfast pop-up that serves six different kinds of breakfast sandwiches.  Each featured a soft fried egg and carefully chosen ingredients on pandesal roll – a slightly sweet, dense Filipino bread.

4901 Telegraph, Oakland


gastropig baconslut.jpgGastropig has a full breakfast and lunch menu, but the highlight is definitely the Bacon Lover, formerly known as the Bacon Slut.

2123 Franklin Street, Oakland


Navi kitchen-1.jpgNavi Kitchen serves two delicious breakfast sandwiches and I couldn’t choose a favorite, so I would recommend making a decision based on your mood.

5000 Adeline Street, Emeryville


What are your favorite breakfast sandwiches?

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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