I lost 3 inches in 7 days and still had pizza and wine. Here’s how I did It.

When I started Food Lover Fitness last week, my goal was to eat 90% healthy and workout 4-5 times a week. Well, I accomplished both goals and in the process I lost 1.2 pounds and 3 inches!

What I ate

I went shopping at Market Hall Foods and made Chicken Cacciatore with Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce and Community Grains Whole Wheat Pappardelle.  The sauce was incredibly flavorful and comforting, while the pasta was so light and nutty.

I also made a few other dishes this week inspired by the following recipes:

Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad

Southwestern Black Bean Salad


I like flavors from all around the world, so let me know if you have any healthy recipes!

Almost everything I ate was delicious, except for raw almonds (gross) and plain Greek yogurt with muesli (yuck).  I managed to eat healthy 90% of the time, and also had a glass of wine and a slice of pizza, so I didn’t feel deprived.

How I worked out

TiffTraining had me do 3 strength training workouts and kept my heart rate up the whole time. I did lots of leg exercises but jump squats are my favorite so far. I went to the gym a few times and also loved working out at home because it was a lot faster. On my rest day, she told me to stretch and take a walk, and on Saturday, I also went hiking and to a Juk Gyal dance/workout class. I need to change it up so I don’t get bored, so let me know if you hear about about any other hiking groups or dance classes!

What I learned

  • Flavor is extremely important to me. If it’s gross I won’t eat it.
  • Thankfully, Pumpernickel Rye is healthy and delicious!
  • I get tired when I get hungry, so I try to always have healthy snacks around.
  • When I’m sore, stretching helps a lot.

Next week

My goal is the same – to eat 90% healthy and workout 4-5 times – but next week I also have a few dinners and events scheduled. My plan is to get full on healthy food and just taste everything else. Wish me luck!

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

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Christina Mitchell

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  • Wow Christina this is awesome! A yogurt tip: The Straus greek yogurt is awesome, and the St. Benoit yogurt is my go-to for regular yogurt. I make my own whole milk yogurt most of the time. Breakfast for me is always plain whole milk yogurt with blueberries and unsweetened shredded coconut. I had toyed around with mueslis and granolas, but my husband’s belly didn’t approve.

  • Celeste B

    I like Fage yogurt with blueberries. Enjoy your jump squats.

  • eastbaydish

    Hey lady. I’ll have to try blueberries next time!

  • eastbaydish

    Thanks for the tip, Yael. I tried granola with my yogurt this week and liked it soooo much more than muesli. Love your other ideas too, so I’ll definitely have to try them!

  • I’m so glad you like granola better, I do too, but I’m trying to reduce my carb intake. I made a granola-ish thing out of nuts and seeds – the recipe is on my blog! http://nosherium.com/2015/04/going-totally-nuts-paleo-passover-granola/