October 14, 2014: It was the beginning of the East Bay restaurant boom when I started east bay dish five years ago. There were no weekly food columns focused on the East Bay, so we didn’t get recognition for our delicious, unique food.  That was one of the reasons I decided to start writing…to create something for us, by us. Now, there are new restaurants opening every week, with some chefs coming from San Francisco, and others that are homegrown. Oakland is getting national news and there are several local publications that have joined me in covering our ever expanding restaurant community. San Francisco and the rest of the country are paying attention. In short, it’s a whole new ball game. Looking ahead, I think the food’s just going to get better and better. Eaters will have higher standards, chefs will exceed them, and in doing so, our version of California cuisine will continue to develop in new and exciting ways.




October 14, 2009: San Francisco is a great city for all food lovers – people with deep pockets as well as those on a budget.  The East Bay is not as well known for delicious food, but that’s just because people don’t know what we have to offer: talented chefs, high quality ingredients, sophisticated customers and fantastic eateries.

Most local restaurant publications focus on restaurants in San Francisco.  They mention the East Bay occasionally, but as a reader, I found myself wondering what’s going on on this side of the bay.  When my friends found out I was keeping up with  the local food scene, they started asking me what’s new and where they should eat.  Then, their friends started asking.  That’s when I realized I should share what I learn with anyone who might be interested.

Welcome to east bay dish.  I write about deals in the “Frugal” section, restaurant news in the “Nosy” section, events in the “Social” section and winery and bar news and events in the “Thirsty” section.  If you like what you see, please spread the word.  And feel free to send me questions, comments, suggestions, tips and invitations!


photo: Paula Wirth

photo by Paula Wirth

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  • Kimberli Haris
  • Kimberli Haris

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